Les Fillettes

Une fillette, c'est une bouteille d'un quart de litre. Il est donc tout naturel que ce petit resto de quartier vous offre une carte des vins impressionnante! On y trouve aussi l'une des plus belles terrasses de Montréal. Vous pourrez y déguster une cuisine remplie de fraîcheur, mettant à l'honneur des aliments locaux. Que de trouvailles délicieuses à découvrir à cette adresse.
"Dishes are divided into the standard appetizer/main course/dessert selection with an added lineup of tapas-sized (sharing) plates at $6 for those who want to enhance their regular menu or simply enjoy a few nibbles with a glass of wine. Right about here is a good place to point out that this bistro’s main focus is wine. “Les Fillettes” itself refers to the nickname for a 375-ml bottle. [...] From the tasting plates and appetizer offerings, we enjoyed a lovely radish salad dotted with edible flowers and smothered in ranch dressing (homemade, which is so much better than that commercial dreck), as well as a small bowl of roasted cauliflower topped with an especially buttery béarnaise sauce. Nice" Lesley Chesterman, Montreal Gazette, July 2015