Landry et Filles

"Landry & filles a d’abord été un camion de bouffe de rue. Maintenant, il s’agit aussi d’un petit restaurant qui opère sur la rue Papineau dans le Plateau Mont-Royal, mettant de l’avant une cuisine ménagère réinventée fortement inspirée par le terroir Québécois."
"Some of the inspiration is derived from Landry’s Brayon roots, a branch of New Brunswick’s francophone heritage. Centred in the area around Edmunston, up against the borders of Quebec and Maine, the cuisine evolved differently than Acadian food culture. Distinctive dishes include ploye, a pancake made with a combination of buckwheat and wheat flours, cooked on one side only. If you haven’t tried it from the truck, you can get it here spread with butter, or topped with salmon gravlax, with fennel, capers, cream cheese and a hard-boiled egg." -Sarah Musgrave, Special Thanks to The Gazette, February 2015