Dinette Triple Crown

Ce petit diner d'une dizaine de sièges, tenu par Nicole Turcotte et Colin Perry, la Dinette Triple Crown vous offre une cuisine de type "comfort food" typiquement américaine dans un espace chaleureux. 
"Southern cooking + picnic basket = summer comfort. No wonder Dinette Triple Crown has seen a steady stream of customers since it opened at the end of June. It has fast become a destination in Mile X […] Although it’s really just a takeout counter with a few beat-up stools to perch on, the place itself is full of old-timey charm. [...] Among the meats, fried chicken is a must. The batter is less flakey, more shakey-bakey, a Cajun-lite spice mix that clings tightly and thoroughly to the meat. At $2.50 per, the pieces aren’t large but very satisfying, so you may as well order up." Sarah Musgrave, Gazette Casual-Dinning Critic, August 2012