"L'espace du Haò est blanc, épuré et minimaliste. À son image, le menu propose seulement deux buns, une salade de concombre mariné et du thé glacé maison." -Iris Gagnon-Paradis,La Presse, 22 juillet 2016
"We had the pork buns which were made of pork shoulder, from Boucherie Pignon Vert, braised in soy sauce, onion, garlic and sesame oil. Needless to say, these buns were out of this world.We also had the vegetarian version of the buns (shiitake and leek in chili hoisin sauce) {...} For beverage, the daily tea based drink was really good and I'm really wondering what they put in it so I can do it back home! I am pretty confident this superbly designed space will quickly become an instant favourite for a quick eat for a lot of people."-www.dezjeff.com/