Lili Co.

Cuisine du marché, micro-brasserie et cocktails sont servis dans cet établissement moderne et raffiné entretenu par le couple propriétaire Catherine Draws et David Pellizzari. "Restaurant Montréalais 2015"—
"Pellizzari’s preference is for offal, which means dinner might begin with tail, tongue or testicles. As challenging as that might sound, he has a way of making those odd bits sing by pairing them with all sorts of vegetables, sprouts and greens. And there are other delicious options as well, like his venison medallions, his surf and turf. But a meal at Lili Co. is as much about the food as the service. Simply put: Draws is one fantastic server, and with such a composed and elegant manner. What a natural; she was so friendly that I found myself looking forward to her every appearance at our table. Her wine and cocktail recommendations were pretty sharp, too." Lesley Chesterman, Montreal Gazette, December 2015