"Le restaurant Pintxo (prononcer «Pine-tcho»); un nom sur - et dans - toutes les bouches des Basco-Québécois. Les pintxos, mot basque signifiant «cure-dent», savent piquer la curiosité du palais: oeufs brouillés à la morue, bajoue de boeuf braisée, foie gras, gésier de canard..."-Sylvain Sarassin, LaPresse, 12 novembre 2011
"Pintxo is a Spanish restaurant, which immediately makes us think of that other small-portion plate, tapas. Pintxos are the Basque incarnation of tapas, individual bouchés often enjoyed with bread and a glass of chilled fino sherry or beer. But here's the beauty of it: satisfaction is high, for diners are encouraged to delve into the pintxo lineup with alacrity. [...] Sitting in this cozy room surrounded by happy/chatty diners admiring this kitchen's artistry and feasting on these dishes one after another turns out to be a real highlight of my 2009 dining experiences."Lesley Chesterman, GAZETTE FINE-DINING CRITIC, October 2011

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