TREATER is a digital gifting plateform that allows you to send digital gift cards to your friends and loved ones instantly whenever you like. Treater helps you celebrate birthdays, job promotions and other special events. 

You can offer and send a TREATER gift card from our TREATER APP or directly online from our website. 

TREATER also makes it simple to find the perfect restaurant by curating a selection of the city’s best.

Do I have to pay a fee to use TREATER? 

The app is free to download and you only pay for the value of your gift card as well as a small customization fee. 

How do I send a gift card? 

Once your pay with your credit card and your transaction is approved, you will receive an ''ACTIVATE your GIFT CARD'' email that will allow you to activate the gift card and send it to your friend instantly via email. Your friend doesn’t need the TREATER APP to redeem your gift!

Does my friend need the TREATER app to redeem my gift card?

Not at all! All they need is the gift card code that they were sent. If they have the TREATER APP they can add the Gift-Card to their APP.

What if my friend failed to received or accidentally deleted my card? 

Don’t worry. You can resend the gift card again and again via your APP. If you purchased the gift card from our website, you can resend the gift card to your recipient using your ''ACTIVATE your GIFT CARD'' email.

How do I redeem my gift card? 

Simple! Just present your gift card to the suggested restaurant or at any participating TREATER partner restaurant and they will validate the code on their end. The list of participating restaurant can be viewed on the TREATER APP or directly online.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

All Sales are final. If you believe there has been an error please contact us

How long is the gift card valid for? 

That’s the best part! There is no expiry date on your card. 

What happens if there is a balance remaining on the card?

You can use the balance at any other participating TREATER partner restaurant. Log into your TREATER APP to check out our TREATER Partners or directly online.

What if the merchant for my gift card is no longer around? 

You can use the gift card at any participating TREATER partner. Log into your TREATER APP to check out our participating TREATER Partner or directly online

Can I use my gift card for Take out?

Absolutely! Your Treater gift card can also be used for ''take-out''. Please contact the restaurant partner to inform them or simply present your digital gift card when you pick up your order. 

Still have questions?

We’re here to answer. Send us a message.