Le Chef Luciano D'Orazio nous concote une Cuisine italienne familiale. Simplicité + ingrédients frais du marché. Une trattoria incontournable dans le quartier de la Petite-Italie.
"Luciano is named not for the famous tenor (surname Pavarotti), but for the chef and owner of this restaurant, Luciano D’Orazio. The website describes Luciano as serving “Italian family cooking” inspired by “simplicity and market fresh ingredients.” Perfetto! Luciano is built inside a former garage, made obvious by the large garage doors facing the street, which one can imagine open come summer time when a small terrasse next to the entrance will also be in operation. The room is the definition of bare bones. The floor is cement, the tables are tablecloth-free, and the open kitchen includes a few stools ideal for solo diners." Lesley Chesterman, Montreal Gazette, January 2011.