"Au pied du mont Royal, le restaurant Hà plonge ses invités dans le concept traditionnel vietnamien des BIA HOI, petits restaurants de coins de rue où l'on mange une cuisine simple et savoureuse."-Restaurant Hà
"Two soups went down extremely well. We got a classic from Vietnam in chef Hà’s beef pho (there’s also a chicken version), which performed that broth magic of being transparent to the eye and clean on the tongue, yet delivering multilayered meaty and spiced flavours amid rice noodles, onions and herbs. Representing Singapore and Malaysia, the red-toned laksa was slurped up even faster for the impressive balance of chilies and coconut milk. To be revisited when I need something stabilizing for colder weather to come." —Sarah Musgrave, The Gazette, November 5, 2014