Le Mal Nécessaire

"Un bar à connotation Tiki dans le Quartier Chinois de Montréal. Le restaurant Fung Shing prépare et livre de la nourriture Cantonaise pour ceux qui veulent quelque bouchées en sirotant leur breuvages."-Le Mal Nécessaire
"Some drinks are individual. Others come in pineapples, coconuts and pitchers and are meant for sharing. The coconut meat is a garnish. You’re supposed to eat it. Someone spent a lot of hours stripping the flesh from the husk […] Most of the cocktails at Le Mal Nécessaire are the booze-tacular sweet kind, though. My partially raw vegan friends, however, got into the Chia Fresca, a cucumber, chia seed and coconut water cocktail with thai basil and gin." multiculturiosity.com, June 2014