Le Mousso

"L’approche du Mousso est profondément expérientielle et communale. En venant manger à sa table, on accepte de laisser à la porte ses caprices culinaires. Le mot d’ordre est ici one size fits all (et pas n’importe quelle mesure), une approche que peu de chefs de la grande ville ont osé adopter. Tous mangeront donc le même menu 6 à 8 services à prix fixe qui change par cycle de 3 mois." -Querelles Blog, 10 Nov. 2015
" There are tuiles, foams, slow-cooked meats, charred vegetables, and silky seafoods in Mousseau-Rivard’s diverse-texture-meets-funky-flavour lineup. It’s technique-heavy food that draws in the diner who isn’t allowed a word as to choice (allergies are tolerated, not substitutions). But dining at Le Mousso is less about an eating experience and more about an artistic experience. I loved the serenity of this dining room, the cool professionalism of the servers, the beautiful plate presentations, the perfect wine pairings and the obvious fun this chef has pulling it all together. Mousseau-Rivard’s cooking says, “trust me,” and if you do, you’re in for a treat. I can’t wait to see where his next menu will take us." Lesley Chesterman, Special Thanks to the Gazette, December 2015