Mangiafoco est un endroit chaleureux ou l'on peut gouter à une vraie pizza Napolitaine concoctée dans un four Marra Forni. Le design de Bruno Bra ën (Pullman, Notkins, Shinji) est unique! La Burrata est directement importée de Pouille et de Di Bufala de Campana. Un incontournable de la rue St-Paul. 
"Mangiafoco’s big thing is the “mozzarella bar” — an endearing concept that pairs four varieties of imported Italian mozzarella with accompaniments of your choice like prosciutto, braised pork, gravlax, truffled peaches, marinated mushrooms etc. Appetizers also include predictable Italian faves like fried calamari, meatballs, Caesar salad, and prosciutto and melon, as well as a few more original offerings like a porchetta tasting plate and foie gras studded arancini. [...] A dozen or so pizzas are on offer with a selection of classic Neapolitan pies (margherita, sausage and rapini), and house creations like pizzas with snow crab, meatballs, and goat’s cheese. " Lesley Chesterman, Special Thanks to the Gazette, July 2013