"Au Lawrence, on retrouve la même ambiance vaguement rétro, sans clinquant, qui marquait le Sparrow, mais le style néo-britannique façon gastro-pub de la déco n'y est plus. Exit les touches un peu Laura Ashley. À la place, l'environnement anthracite et blanc est ponctué de points de lumière qui construisent une ambiance romantique sur fond post-industriel."-Marie-Claude Lortie, La Presse, 25 Février 2011
"If Brunch Heaven was a place, Lawrence would be sitting on its own throne of fluffy french toast and thick, tasty bacon. Sadly, I made up Brunch Heaven. But thankfully, Lawrence is a real place – so in a way, Brunch Heaven really does exist. Don’t let their amazing brunch options stop you from venturing into Lawrence for dinner, though. Their menus are inspired by traditional English dishes, and with fresh ingredients and mouthwatering offerings (like aged sirloin and braised lamb), there is really no way you can go wrong at this fine establishment." Miranda Cipolla,, December 2015